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Vilas Craig Singer / Songwriter


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Vilas Craig, born in Richland County Wisconsin,
started singing and playing guitar early in life.
In 1957, he formed his first band called The Kollege Kings. The Kollege Kings were one of the first bands
to play Rock 'n' Roll in Wisconsin.
In 1959, they recorded and released their first two original songs "Spring Fever" and "My One My Only Love" on a 45 rpm record.
In 1960, Vilas changed the bands name to Vilas Craig & The ViCounts and released several more records. The band released other singles such as "Don't You Just Know It" and "Rotation" under the alias The Six Shooters. The later singles "Unlucky Am I", "Summers Over" and "Looking for a Girl" were recorded in Nashville with Billy Grammer, Hargus Melvin "Pig" Robbins and other studio session musicians. 

The new singles "It's All About the Baby" and "Four Boys of Bethlehem" were release in 2022.
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